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Vs. the Cutting Room Floor

by Venice Sunlight

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We spent a year or so twisting in the sheets With my broken brain still stuck on repeat Turn it up, tune it in, ease my mind And with the antidote stuck between the cheats Is it time to grow up, is it time to leave? I don't know, but I'm always losing time We stand up, we stand out I'll raise my doubts I never seem to know what she's thinking Now by the winter it was getting kinda strange I kept my distance but she thought that I would change Maybe yes, maybe no -- I can't say And now the undertow is pulling with the tide It's so condescending, a war of pride Oh, the times we tried We stand up, we stand out I'll raise my doubts I never seem to know what she's thinking We give up, we give in We both could win I'm never hanging onto her again I said no, no, no We all dress in metaphors I can’t help but think there’s something more We spent a year or so twisting in the sheets Now December's over, but May's still sweet And we give what we can until we're gone
I said, "Always take me with you" But she kicked me right on off that bus I crawled four blocks back to apathy And I smiled 'cause it's a long, long way back home And back at 3rd and Washington I finally got my feet back on the ground I've found my moment of clarity And I'd walk across the USA alone Just for another day that I could spend with her She's a million miles away But she still means my whole world Yeah, I'd traumatize the west coast every time Always, the faith she placed inside of me All night, the heart I placed inside of her Some day our broken hearts will mend together Every day I yearn that it'll be before I die Now I stand somewhere in the architecture Lost in this urban paradise Of women too snide to stand beside me Drinking from their endless coffee cups And back at Newark and Hudson I finally answered my own questions Always, the faith she placed inside of me All night, the heart I placed inside of her Some day our broken hearts will mend together Every day I yearn that it'll be before I die She takes out her violin and she begins to play a tune Something back from '65 back when we all felt more alive It's the last time for The Last Time (Back at Third and Washington, I finally got my feet back on the ground) (Back at Newark and Hudson, I finally answered my own questions now)


Heyo! So 2020 has been a bummer for all of us for, well, pretty much every reason imaginable. Remember murder hornets? That was like a decade ago. 2020!

Anyway, in the before times, we had these grand plans of regrouping and putting together a new EP, and even had some studio time booked in May to get this jawn put together. How silly of us! As iso/quar wore on, we kept searching for new ways to get some new material going, but seeing as we live in three different states with varying degrees of lockdowns (and, oh, one of us needs to get on a plane to do things in person), logistics became impossible.

So instead of a shiny new toy, we have a lightly polished refurbished toy, aka "The Cutting Room Floor". As would be appropriate for a year like this. We dug into the archives for a couple of pieces to hold you all over until the after times are a reality (seriously, get the damn vaccine).

"Stationary" has long been one of my personal favorites, mostly because Alex plays mallets on it. Jay wrote the main riff while we were helping track Rachel Schain's "Lilacface" record back in July 2012, and after a few rounds of adding parts, the song pretty much came together in the matter of a weekend or two of rehearsals. This is the last track remaining from the sessions that produced "Vs. the Swingers and the Saints", recorded at the Headroom with Joe Reinhart of Hop Along back in April-May 2015. (Fun fact: This version is actually two early mixes that Kro spliced into one!)

"Newark and Hudson" is a song that most of you probably know already (a full band version was recorded during the Swingers sessions as well and was released as the B-side to the "Soul of the City" single), but this is the O.G. A long, long time ago, when our good friend Eric Smith was about to put out his first novel, "Textual Healing", he asked us to put together a quick track to be a part of the accompanying soundtrack, and we were glad to help out. Eric sent us a copy of the book a few weeks before release, and both the book and the song were done in a matter of hours. We weren't able to get all of the boys together to record a full band version in time for Eric's release party, so Jay and I (and our good buddy Ed Taylor on percussion) did this acoustic version at Cambridge Sound Studios (way back at the original Newtown, PA location) with Todd Mecaughey back in November 2010.

Todd was gracious enough to quickly whip up some masters of both of these tracks, and we're proud to put them out as good snapshots from the archives that can sub in the place of new tunes in this shitshow of a year.

Be well and thanks for listening. Stay safe. Stay sane. More to come. Keep those glasses raised and those spirits high.

- Dave, on behalf of Alex, Steve and Jay, December 2020


released December 18, 2020

Dave Cohen: Lead and rhythm guitars, backing vocals
Steve Krostyne: Bass guitars, backing vocals
Jayson Verdibello: Lead and backing vocals, rhythm guitars
Alex Brown: Drums and percussion

Additional percussion on "Newark and Hudson (Acoustic)" by Ed Taylor. He's really quite good at it!

Lyrics by Cohen and Verdibello, music by Venice Sunlight.

"Stationary (Early Mix)" recorded, engineered, and mixed by Joe Reinhart at Headroom Studios, Philadelphia PA.
"Newark and Hudson (Acoustic)" recorded, engineered, mixed, and originally mastered by Todd Mecaughey at Cambridge Sound Studios, Philadelphia, PA.

Both tracks (re)mastered by Todd Mecaughey at Cambridge Sound Studios, Philadelphia PA.

(C) 2020 Venice Sunlight. "Stationary" (P) 2016 Subconscious Spectacle Publishing (ASCAP); "Newark and Hudson", (P) 2010 Subconscious Spectacle Publishing (ASCAP).

This record is meant to be played loud, so TURN IT UP!


all rights reserved



Venice Sunlight Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Rock. Roll. Vikings.

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